• Temperature Sensor Types 

    Temperature Sensor Types 


    Temperature detection is the foundation for all advanced forms of temperature control and compensation. The temperature detection circuit itself...

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  • Sensors in automobile

    Sensors in automobile


    These sensors are smart systems which are used for controlling different parts like coolant levels, temperature, the pressure of oil, levels of...

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  • The working structure of line follower robot

    The working structure of line follower robot


    So there will be infrared proximity sensors placed on either side at the front of the robot. There are four possible sensor outcomes:

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  • Introduction to Solar Cell

    Introduction to Solar Cell


    Solar cells are semi-conductor devices which use sunlight to produce electricity. They are manufactured and processed in a similar fashion as computer...

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  • Pulse Circuit using IC555

    Pulse Circuit using IC555


    This is a pulse generator with adjustable duty cycle made with the 555 timer IC. The circuit is an astable multivibrator with a 50% pulse duty cycle. The difference from the standard design of a 555...

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  • Relay Working

    Relay Working


    Relays are mainly made for two basic operations...

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  • Types of thermocouple

    Types of thermocouple


    A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature. This sensor consists of two dissimilar metal wires, joined at one end, and connected to a thermocouple thermometer or other thermocouple-capable...

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