Types of DC motor

Types of DC motors

All DC motors use a direct current, DC motors also have good speed control and a high starting torque. This makes them ideal for electric motor applications that need to move heavier loads in a variety of conditions, for example, wiper systems for rail, marine and haulage industries.

From electric shavers to cars, DC motors are used in a variety of applications and there are several different types of DC motors to cater to these applications. Parvalux specialises in custom BLDC motors and PMDC motors.

BLDC motors

DC motors can be bought as a brushed electric motor or as brushless (BLDC motors). As discussed, a brushed motor may require more maintenance, due to the brushes wearing out. However, they are used frequently in applications that require a cheaper solution and are popular in industrial environments.

brushless electric motor is typically more efficient because speed is not lost due to brushes and it therefore also has a quieter operation. BLDC motors need to be wired to an electronic speed control to enable current to flow to the electromagnets. Hence, they are usually more expensive to purchase.

PMDC motors

Permanent magnet motors (PMDC motors) are another type of DC motor that are commonly found in the healthcare and leisure industries. The main difference between these and other types of electric motors is that the magnetic field is generated in the stator using fixed magnets, as opposed to being created in the stator windings.

PMDC motors are usually smaller than other types of DC motors, making them easy to transport globally and more cost-effective. This means they can be found in all sorts of day-to-day objects, including children’s toys and electric toothbrushes.

The electric motor is vital to countless applications across the globe. Whether you choose an AC or DC motor, there will be a solution to give you the best possible results. Parvalux designs and manufactures electric motors that are innovative and durable, ensuring that your customers’ products are always on the move. Learn more about Parvalux electric motors by getting in touch here: Your local contact – Parvalux