Rain Sensor

With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, it’s easy to leave your skylights open, only for it to suddenly start raining, leaving the interior below at risk. With this rain sensor, however, you can stop this from happening.

You can use this sensor to monitor rain or slushy snow/hail and send closure requests to electronic shutters, windows, awnings or skylights whenever the rain is detected.

How Rain Sensor works?

The working of the rain sensor is pretty straightforward.

The sensing pad with series of exposed copper traces, together acts as a variable resistor (just like a potentiometer) whose resistance varies according to the amount of water on its surface.

rain sensor working.gif

This resistance is inversely proportional to the amount of water:

  • The more water on the surface means better conductivity and will result in a lower resistance.
  • The less water on the surface means poor conductivity and will result in a higher resistance.

The sensor produces an output voltage according to the resistance, which by measuring we can determine whether it’s raining or not.