Introducing Automotive Technology

Wondering what automotive technology is all about?


Wondering what automotive technology is all about? We’ve got you covered! Automotive technology is a program of study that focuses on the mechanics and the technology that drive today’s vehicles. In-demand and up-and-coming, pursuing automotive technology as a career is a lucrative opportunity for individuals with a passion for problem solving, innovation, and analytical thinking.

To help you get a better idea of what automotive technology entails as a field of study and a career option, ATC put together the following post.

Automotive Technology is a New Concept…

Just 30 years ago, you had to manually roll down your windows, physically put your key in your car door to lock or unlock it, and sometimes deal with a bumpy ride. Today? Advanced radar technology, computer-controlled engine systems, and alternative fuel sources have totally transformed what a mechanic sees when they go to lift a vehicle’s hood.

In fact, cars have changed so much in the past few decades that it’s revolutionized the role of mechanic into the role of technician—and that’s where automotive technology comes in.

…and It’s Not Going Anywhere

What’s written in the stars for the automotive industry? How will the automotive technician role further evolve and progress? Well, take the partially automated aspects of today’s cars and put the pedal to the metal! Fully autonomous vehicles are expected to be offered to the public as soon as 2020.

With that, the need for rising automotive technicians is accelerating to its peak. The automotive and maintenance sectors are expected to add an impressive 237,000 new jobs through 2020 and maintain a higher than average growth rate compared to other jobs on a national scale, reports the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why Study Automotive Technology?

In addition to being in demand today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future, adding the ability to tap into these high-tech systems to the traditional mallet and wrench offers a variety of appealing benefits.

Sustainable pay. Due to the technical emphasis of the role, an automotive technician’s entry-level payis on the rise, too. As you add on years of experience and put the time and training in to earn ASE certification, technicians can look forward to advancing their earnings.

Abundant opportunities. Afraid you won’t want to be a service center technician a few years down the road? You don’t have to be. With opportunities across automotive fields, from diesel and custom painting to instructing the next generation of technicians, the automotive technician role is like an open door that can take you wherever you’d like to go in automotive.

Job security from outsourcing. Unlike software developers, customer service call center reps, or manufacturing positions, the automotive technician role isn’t at risk of being sent overseas.